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Bexley Farmers Market: June 18

Thank you for respecting the guidelines set forth by the Bexley Farmers Market as we

continue in our mission to keep the community safe and our market open!

A Food Journey With the Farmers Market

Travel plans cancelled? Summer vacation on hold?

Take a food journey instead! Let the farmers market introduce you to new things and fresh flavors.

You can't eSCAPE from the fresh, mild garlic flavor of Garlic Scapes!

Grown from the tops of hardneck garlic, Garlic Scapes are removed by farmers to encourage the plant to direct its energy toward growing a plump underground bulb. The flavor ranges from a mild garlic flavor when raw, to sweet when roasted. They can be a bit fibrous though, so cooking or mincing is best.

Grab a bunch (or two) at market today and try one of these delicious recipes:

We hope this inspires you to try something new, whether it's a fruit or vegetable, or simply a new recipe.

Thank you for shopping at the Bexley Farmers Market, and for supporting our farmers and food producers!

This location, and the operational changes and rules, will be in effect through July 31.

If you choose to visit the Bexley Farmers Market, the market asks you to follow these strict, preventive measures to keep yourself, your farmers and food producers, and your community safe:

  • If you feel ill or at all unwell, do not enter the market.

  • Maintain 6’ social distancing at all times.


  • One adult from each household, please.

  • The market is limiting the number of people in the market space at one time. While you wait for entry, be respectful and allow for safe distancing between you and other customers.

  • The market is one way traffic only. If you forget something, please return to the queue for reentry.

  • Do not touch any products. When you have identified the product(s) you want to purchase, ask the vendor to collect and package the goods for you.

  • Do not linger or socialize so that all customers have the opportunity to shop.

  • Limit use of reusable grocery bags due to uncertainty surrounding surface contamination and life span of the virus.

  • When possible, pre-order directly from vendors to limit the need to exchange currency onsite. 

  • No pets in the marketplace.  

Our vendors for market on Thursday, June 18 include:

Two Roasting Joes

Solo Merengues

SaraBee Pure Honey

The Fromagerie

Chuck Evans' MONTEZUMA Brand Sauces & Salsas

Sweet Thing Gourmet

Lona Belle's Home Baked Goods

The Crazy Cucumber

Ohio City Pasta

Foraged & Sown

Roots, Fruits and Shoots

The Farmstead Market

Harriet Gardens

Hirsch Fruit Farm

9N Farm

Bluegreen Gardens

Dutch Creek Goat Farm

Kingdom Fish

Fox Hollow Farm Naturally

Columba's Mexican Food


The Finest Edge

Join us every Thursday through October from 4-7 PM, rain or shine!

Support your market! We have partnered with the Bexley Community Foundation to receive contributions to the Bexley Farmers' Market. Every dollar to the Bexley Community Foundation is reinvested in Bexley organizations, ideas and projects – allowing our community to dream big for Bexley. Please consider giving to your market today!

Bexley Farmers Market

745 Pleasant Ridge Avenue (between Mound and Astor)

Capital University S2 Parking Lot

Bexley, Ohio 43209

As a reminder, during COVID-19 procedures, the market will reserve the 4-4:30 PM time for vulnerable populations. For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at

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